Marketing Issues Of Alcohol

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Countless days of research and many dollars later, scientists have finally developed the cure to solve the cancer puzzle. This was after an exhausted effort to contain a type of cancer that was multiplying and making the benign cells become malignant after several influences introduced by the outside environment. Tests have been run since the early 1960's and now more than a century later, we have stumbled on a cure that will help the cancer maintain itself and avoid the cancer cell multiplication. These cancer cells that we are born with will no longer have the chance to become contaminated and overtake our systems. This miracle process, which involves direct alcohol being shot into individual contaminated cells and closed up by a substance partitioned at the back of the microscopic needle. After many bouts of being approved by the FDA (food and drug administration) it has passed and is now available to the public.

This drug will cure all types of cancers and allow long-battled patients to live their remaining years in some comfort.

Imagine this wonder drug! Everyone that had a bout with cancer will become a survivor. There is only one problem, one hurdle by which this drug needs to clear. If no one knows about this drug, how can this drug save anyone? This is where a need for marketing comes in. Marketing and selling is the only way that this drug will become a success. Exposure is the only thing that will save all the hard work that the scientists have done, all the money that has been spent and all the time that has gone into this project. This concept follows the satirical philosophy that if a tree fell in the woods and no one heard it no one would know or care. In this...