Marketing Jugo in Maldives

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This report is conducted by a group of diploma students (semester 2) from Maldives National University (MNU), Faculty of Management and Computing (FMC), under the subject of Introduction to Marketing (MKT101). In this project, we are assigned to choose a product/service in relation to the Maldivian market. Therefore we have chosen a well-known and popular drink, Jugo.

Jugo is a cool and refreshing drink which is made up of few ingredients, but which consists of a variety of flavors. A Jugo joint can be established without a significant amount of capital, and it can be set up on a very small area of land which is precious to Maldivians. Although a Jugo joint is a very common sight in Maldives today, it is the result of a very unique evolution.

The story of Jugo began at the year 1963 where Steve Kuhnau invented "the smoothie", a non-dairy drink consisting of real fruit with vitamin and protein additives.

It was a huge hit, consequently Smoothie King now has 600+ franchises all over the US and South Korea (wikipedia, 2011). Although it has retained a huge popularity, it hasn't penetrated the Asian market that intensely. A possible substitute of the smoothie in the South Asian market is known as "Bubble Tea". It was invented in Taiwan in the early 1980's and it's still a popular drink all over Asia. Bubble Tea is a combination of tea with real fruits and different flavors. (wikipedia, 2011)

Even though smoothies and bubble teas are fashionable overseas, Jugo was the drink which became popular all over our country. It began as one Jugo place known as "Juice Joint" which was established around 2005. It quickly became all the rage within the country in a very short period of time. This was the reason...