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Marketing connects producers with consumers. Sometimes it is defined as war between competitors. To stay in competition firms use marketing to create, expand and maintain a collection of customers. Kudler Fine Foods Marketing is focusing on expanding the services, improving efficiency and increasing consumer purchase cycle.

Kudler plans to increase loyalty by offering high margin services. To achieve that Kulder Fine Foods is hosting in store parties to show customers how to prepare specialty foods. To get more customers to attend shows they are offering training by well known chefs, local celebrates and Kathy Kudler herself. The outcomes from this will be to get consumers to consider parties at Kudler Fine Foods part of their social life and to increase purchasing rate of high margin food. The tickets will be given out to consumers to invite a friend to the parties just to draw more people to the store.

By offering this program they hope to gain consumer loyalty and word of mouth marketing. The sales group will promote these programs to the existing customers and target potential new customers. To keep consumers loyalty efficiency is also very important.

Efficiency is very valued by customers. Kudler Fine Foods is focusing on its internal processes and making sure that they deliver increased value to the customer. The firm is developing employee training programs and bringing in new software systems. The marketing department is encouraging purchasing to reduce cost of ordering and minimize the amount of food to be stored. Purchasing has developed a supplier relations program and objective is to successfully implement programs designed to increase revenue and reduce cost. Understanding their customer purchasing patterns is another good way for company to succeed in satisfying its customers.

Kudler Fine Foods is monitoring purchase behavior at the...