Marketing Law.

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Marketing Law

Question 1

(6 marks)

George was depressed about his accelerating baldness and decided to follow up an advertisement in the paper 4 months ago. The advertisement claimed to give back a full head of hair in 2 months for a mere $550 with their Australian made products. The advertisement claimed hair growth would commence just after 1 week of using the product.

George went to the company Hair help Pty Ltd studio, where Newman the sales assistant approached him. George questioned the product as was advised by Pitt that the product performance was guaranteed to work with in 2 months if he purchased the start pack of the product. George was told that the pack contained 6 bottles which was to last him 2 months and that there was a complete money back guarantee if he was unsatisfied in any way. George was also informed of a promotion where if he told a friend he would receive a $100 rebate off the purchase price.

George finally purchased the starting pack of the product for $550 and upon his return home found only 3 bottles in the pack. He telephoned Newman who claimed to have posted the other 3 bottles to George. After commencing the treatment, George ran out of the product just after 1 month without receiving the remaining 3 bottles from Newman and has not sprouted new hair growth. George also noticed that at the bottom of the bottles there is a label that states "Made in Taiwan" although the label on the packaging claims they are made in Australia. George is fed up and returns to Newman demanding his money back guarantee. Newman laughs and tells him to purchase more products that he will discount for George.

George may claim under S52, S53 (a) as well...