Marketing Management

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In this assignment, definitions of marketing, concept of marketing, how marketing applied for public organisation have been defined.

Firstly definitions of marketing are introduced by different authors, on the basis of these definitions, different views are given like which is the best definition working in today's market and what are the differences of these definitions? Then concept of marketing has been defined by different authors and how marketing concept is different than selling concept. Generic concept of marketing is defined to understand how was the marketing in past, how it is in present and how it will be in future. Then societal marketing concept is introduced to understand the social responsibility of organisation towards human welfare and what all are marketing activities involved in it. Then, how the concept of marketing applied in public organisation has been defined by taking National part services (NPS).


In today's world, marketing is treated differently.

Marketing is not only restricted till selling of goods and services. In most of the companies, managers believe that marketing means distribution of goods, promotion, pricing and sales but it is not, marketing means how to satisfy customers by fulfilling their needs and wants by providing quality products and services and on the basis if these how organisation can achieve its goals and objectives. The concept of marketing is broadened on the basis of customer requirements.

Marketing managers should put customers in central for making decisions. If organisation does not care about customers, it cannot achieve its goals and objectives. Marketing managers should always get the information about market by doing market research so that they can know about the trends of the market and views of the customers. On the basis of this, organisation can introduce products or services that can satisfy customer.

What is Marketing-...