Marketing Management

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Marketing Management BSP022 Semester 1

Marketing Management


Outline Marketing Plan

Assignments to be conducted in groups of 4/5

The motor industry is experiencing a significant increase in demand for alternatives to carbon fuel driven vehicles. According to media reports the uptake of low-carbon cars, has more than doubled in the last few years. Indeed, last year over 10,000 electric cars were sold in the UK.

As the Marketing Team of one of those electric car manufacturers you have been asked by the Board of Directors to produce an outline marketing plan for 2015, which focuses on growth in the UK of your new electric car. This is a big responsibility for your team, and success could possibly open the door too much greater things within the company.

The Task.

Part A

You should devise a name for your company and model of car, which is going to be central to your marketing plan.

You should then define the brand personality of your chosen vehicle.

Word limit for this section 500 words.

Marks awarded for this section 20%

Part B

Your marketing plan should include the following sections:

Background of the company

You will need to create a history of the company based on research of similar companies and design a company logo, along with a vision for the company.

Marketing Audit

Your marketing audit should just focus on the UK car market and provide a brief discussion of the key influences, which are shaping the markets for electronic vehicles. This section should include an external and internal audit

SWOT Analysis

Your SWOT should link to the audit carried out in section 2 and aid you in your strategic planning. The findings should also inform your choice of marketing objectives.

Marketing Objectives

Marketing objectives is all about growth, and...