Marketing Management: Marketing Plan Formulations.

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Executive Summary.

Metal Detector is placed to provide food, pharmaceutical, clothing and footwear producers with resources needed to minimize the threat of harmful product contamination posed by fragments of metal. The market for this kind of machine is increasing recent years in China due to product safety concerns upgrade. Clearpack would like to grasp this opportunity to penetrate into local market for specific product. For financial objectives of Clearpack , the rate of return on investment at least 15-20%. Cash flow is projected to increase by 50 percent to the end of the decade. The market strategy of clearpack aims to increase its market share to 45% and sales target 5.5M USD by year 2010. In order to cover vast geographical area of China, company is planning to set up own office in Northern China which is not available now and develop authorized dealers in rest of area. Clearpack has shown clear strengths in developing specialized products for small segments in adopting a niche market and provide good products and services apart from the major vendors who focus on high-volume orders only.

In order to be price-competitive, company is considering to set up manufacturing facilities in China pearl river area as well.

Company Summary.

Clearpack started in Singapore in 1991 founded by Mr. GB What has unfolded since then is a remarkable journey of customer service and growth. In early years Clearpack realized that every packaging requirement is unique....Products vary in size; there are shape, speed and space constraints; packaging material quality lacked uniformity and even the best of machines occasionally fell short of expected standard. It was then we learnt that customers were really looking for integrated solutions & not just machines or devices. With this in mind Clearpack set about building solid foundations for company.

Clearpack developed...