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Marketing Mix(four P's)and SIVA for ZARA

Zara is a cloth brand and which is a Spanish cloth brand. This company have more than nighteen thousand stores which are distributed about eighty seven central shopping malls all around the world. Plus, this company is a subsidiary corporation of Spanish Indetex group. It is not only a cloth brand, but also a chain retail brand in the world.

The main industrial of this brand is numerouse sorts of precise fashional dresses. And these products are special and unique, beside these dresses is production oriented and basical with custom's needs. The marketer needs to know what the customer needs and the time, occasion and the way they like to do, then produce the products which is catering for the customers' needs. So the company have a powerful feedback system to acquire these information. For example, what kind of fabric, disign or color for the customers' needs,the cost, the price and the disccussion about what is the trend of fashion in next year, at last product it.

"In Harvard Business Review said that ZARA built a special supply chain which is diffrent with traditional industry."(1) this is I of SIVA.

The price of the clothes are diversity, such as "199RMB, 299RMB, 399RMB,"(2) because they will do different price strategies according to different market position, even though some T-shirts just sold "19RMB to 26RMB"(2), but in similar wear in another brands the clothes will be sold about 40RMB to 60RMB, so when the customers prefer to a dress, they will buy it at once because of the low price, and the customers usaully like buy severa wears more than one hundred RMB and they still feels like that the clothes are cheap. So the company lower the price of dresses to gain more profit,