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Today, the focus of marketing and the management of marketing are some of the strategies and planning needed by today's marketers to be successful in the business world. Marketing strategies must focus on developing the target audience and are directly related to the Marketing Mix. In this paper I will define and describe the elements of the marketing mix and how each are interrelated. I will also relate these and the impact of the marketing mix on a selected company.

The marketing mix concept became popular after Neil H. Borden published "The Concept of the Marketing Mix" in 1964. In his article, Borden described how James Culliton had described the marketing manager as a "mixer of ingredients" in which the mix included product, price, place and promotion. The marketing mix approach to marketing is a model of creating and implementing marketing strategies. The marketing mix stresses the mixing or blending of various factors in such a way that both organizational and consumer, or target, markets objectives are attained.

The first component of the marketing mix is the product that one wishes to market. The product section of the marketing mix deals with creating the right product or service for the designated target audience. This product refers to a tangible or physical product or a service - it does not have to be a physical product. Some examples are Warranty, Repairs and Services, Packaging, Quality and Styling. The product can also be a set of causes. The product of a group like the Nature Conservatory has a set of causes it will work to achieve. A good product markets itself because it gives benefits and value to the customer. Companies that market their product need to consider its strengths and weaknesses when comparing to other similar products on the...