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Marketing mix


The aim of this report is to analyse the current Marketing Mix of Sainsbury's, and to work out how it would be adjusted to satisfy the possibilities of financial services?development as well as the steps taken when considering the launch of the financial services products. This report is based on my own research by reading Sainsbury's annual report, its web site and the discussions among the experts and professors, along with physically going to Sainsbury's supermarket and getting some printed materials.

The mission of Sainsbury's Supermarkets is to be the consumer's first choice for food, delivering products of outstanding quality and great service at a competitive cost through working faster, simpler and together.

A, The Marketing Mix

Since early in 1996, the City was criticizing Sainsbury's for allowing Tesco to get so far ahead of the game in terms of customer service, loyalty and perceived price competitiveness.

Sainsbury's was also accused of not promoting itself sufficiently and while running many similar customer initiatives as Tesco, it has failed to take the lead or develop unique products or services. Further to this, it has showed itself to be "unresponsive?in a fast moving market. Therefore, Sainsbury's adjusted and developed its mission. In order to achieve its new mission, which is to rebuild its UK food retailing business. The company changed its marketing strategy and has successfully sold its Homebase DIY chain in the UK and its business in Egypt. This enables the company to focus the Group on food retailing and related activities. Apart from this, the current Marketing Mix ?product, price, promotion and place is being improved to meet its new mission. Let me talk about them in details.

A.1 Product

In order to become the UK consumer's first choice for food, Sainsbury's Supermarkets announced its new corporate...