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Marketing Communication

Marketing at Olympic Games London 2012



Table of Contents

1Introduction �

1Marketing communication plans �

1Advertisements �

2Official partnership �

2Mascots �

3Tactics of marketing communication at Olympics 2012 �

3Summary of utilization of marketing communication tools for Olympics Games 2012 �

4Cross-functional communication of Olympic Games 2012 �

4Broadcasting of Olympic Games 2012 �

4Sponsors for Olympic Games 2012 �

5Licensing �

5Ticketing �

5Suppliers �

6Marketing via various media �

6Best mode of marketing �

7Conclusion �



Marketing communication of London Olympics 2012 was planned in advance. The marketing of Olympics London 2012 started back in the year 2005 when London had won the bid. The marketing started in a full-fledged manner after 2009 because that was the time period when most of people were looking forward for the Olympics London 2012 to be started. All the promoters came together to create the most memorable event, till date.

All the brands had come together to communicate to the world that the event is coming up. Different brands and the communication strategies that were undertaken by them are discussed below.

Marketing communication plans


Advertisements by various brands were the effective marketing communication strategy that was adopted at Olympics. Many big brands were associated with Olympics 2012. Few of names that really made a difference are discussed below.

Coca Cola

Coca Cola did an exceptionally noticeable job in communicating to the world about Olympics 2012. They had produced an anthem that can be loved by the youth and the main aim of Olympics is to inspire the youth. They had organized a program that spoke about the social side of Olympics and this was aired throughout the world.

Coca-cola had come up with an advertisement that was themed as "supporting Olympic dreams".