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IntroductionOver the years, the availability of the internet has tremendously increased; prompting more businesses to conduct business via the internet. In this paper, I will attempt to explain marketing in an e-Business environment well as the difference between Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) supply chains. One thing supply chains have in common is that e-business has made it easier for customers, whether conducting business with a company or an individual.

B2C Supply ChainBusiness-to-Consumer (B2C) is defined as a business to consumer business that does transactions from a business directly to a consumer. This is a good example of an online retailer who conducts part or all its business online, such as and Usually these types of web-sites are accessible from any computers with access to the internet. The B2C web-sites have increased the business's customer base tremendously. Although B2C web-sites establish a target audience, it is not limited to a specific market or geographical area.

These web businesses are increasing due to the freedom it provides the customers to conduct their business wherever they go; even from country to country, this type of service affords individuals to still purchase products/services.

The B2C web-sites require security measures, which will provide customers the security to purchase products without personal information being compromised. These particular types of web-sites will also need to implement an effective procedure to maintain inventory so to have products in stock when it comes time to ship products in a timely manner to their customers. This will also help to promote customer loyalty and satisfaction. Most of B2C web-sites list on their web page if the product is in stock by indicators or by providing shipping information as it relates to if same day shipping is available, which generally means the item(s) are...