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1.0EXECUTIVE SUMMARYSR & CKV Sdn Bhd is a licensed in-bound tour operator and is specialized in providing river cruise and Bed & Breakfast (B&B) services beside the Klias River, Beaufort District, located 120KM from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. The Company offering different river cruise packages for tourists to see the rare proboscis monkey, fireflies and many other wildlife's along the Klias River. The Company has set up a motel beside Klias River which consists of ten guest rooms with a breathtaking view of the river. Beside that, the company has constructed a jetty complex and acquires several high powered cruise boats for providing river cruise service to its customers.

The motel is run by Shankar, a young entrepreneur who is having Master degree in Tourism and Hospitality from Open University Malaysia and Ka Vun, who is having Master degree In Business Administration from Open University Malaysia. Both of them seeing the opportunity in tourism industry which having competitive advantages over other industries in Malaysia.

The opportunity exists for few reasons:1.Tourism is a growing industry. Malaysia government is tapping the potential of eco tourism to woo foreign and domestic tourists.

2.The Mangrove Forest Reserve at Klias Wetlands and Klias River is rich with wildlife, birds and its large population of proboscis monkey is fast becoming the latest ecotourism destination in Sabah. On top of this, the scenery along Klias River is simply beautiful and irresistible.

3.Mr. Shankar, who has vast experience in hotel and hospitality management providing unrelenting personal service to tourists and ensure customers having excellent stay in our Motel.

2.0SITUATION ANALYSISThe tourism industry, especially in Sabah, has been booming despite the many natural disaster such as tsunami and bird flu that has affected the South East Asia region. Tourists have been flocking to Sabah due to...