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Table of Content1.0Introduction32.0Situational Analysis42.1History of the company42.2Mission Statement43.0 Marketing Environment53.1Competitors53.2Economic53.3Legal53.4Socio-cultural63.5SWOT Analysis64.0Green Product Design74.1Description of the product74.2Strength and weakness of the Hybrid car84.3Distribution85.0Customer Evaluation85.1 Customer profile85.2Customer buying behaviour96.0Competitors Analysis96.1Direct Competitors96.2Indirect Competitors107.0 Marketing Objectives108.0Marketing Strategy118.1Target Market118.2Product118.3Price128.4Distribution128.5Promotion129.0Budget1310.0Conclusion1311.0Referencing14Executive SummaryThe marketing plan is about the new Hybrid car from Honda that Shaads Motors will be introducing in Mauritius. Being the first importer of car in Mauritius, Shaads Motors is already occupying a big part of the market and has also gain the trust of many people. Shaads Motors has been representing the Honda brand since 1972 since then, the company has diversifies through many division, but Shaads Motors remain the main division of the company. They have also implemented a garage with all the latest technology to give a good after sale service to their customers. The situational analysis is based mainly on a brief history of the company and a quick overview of the current situation of the company in Mauritius.

Then we have an analysis of marketing environment and also how can this affect the company either positively or negatively. Honda is being perceived in Mauritius as an economic car, cheap to run and maintain as the spare parts are very cheap, but however when compared to its competitors, we can see that its competitors has the upper hand on him in terms of comfort inside the car, security and other electronic stuff on board. But the strong point the Honda has again its competitors is his new Hybrid technology; the famous car that runs without gas or petrol. So, Shaads Motors can enjoy the privilege of marketing the car alone in Mauritius as none of their competitors have a product like that. Therefore the Hybrid car does not have any real substitutes as such for now, but as announced by Citroen,