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This report contains a Strategic Marketing Plan for St. Jude College, which was established in honor of St. Jude Thaddeus, the Apostle and Patron Saint of the Hopeful and the embodiment of the true Christian spirit. "Through its allied health services, it started as the St. Jude Maternity Clinic in 1950's. Faced with the growing health needs of the community and the breakthroughs and advances in allied medical sciences, the founders, Dr. Ramon D. Atienza, Jr and his wife, Dr, Felicidad Calip-Atienza, expanded the Maternity Clinic from a two-story building to house the School of Nursing.

The two edifices were inaugurated on the feast day of St. Jude Thaddeus on October28, 1968. As a result, the maternity clinic was elevated to the status of a College for consistently producing outstanding students and exemplary topnotchers in the licensure board examinations since 1971".

(Peter, n.d.)

With sheer dedication and passion of the founders additional buildings where built and more courses where added. At present St. Jude College 3 branches, the main branch in Manila, which has 14 courses and 5 graduate school programs with international tie ups, Dasmarinias Cavite with 9 courses and a BED (basic education department) and Palapala Cavite with a BED (basic education department).

Many educators believe that education is not only a profitable, but also a very competitive industry. For an institution especially, in higher education, to become successful, what are needed are not only good teaching, good study conditions, good research, good extension services, and good academic support services, but also positive image that the institution is well-managed and operated by qualified and competent administrators and/or managers. All of these contribute both to good learning experiences and to the effective and efficient delivery of quality education that...