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In today's highly competitive business environment, businesses have to develop strategies that ensure a consistent approach to offering their products or services in a way that will outsell the competitors. The education and training sector in Mauritius is no exception to this rule. Training has become the core element of many organizations' business plans, just as providing for education has become a priority in many or most Mauritian families. Private training and educational institutions in Mauritius have developed rapidly to meet the demands of this booming sector.

Among the many private training institution that have emerged in the last twenty years, JR School can be seen as an example of success in this field. Over the years it has developed into a successful business, but for the last two years JR School has seen a decline in the number of trainees enrolled and a sharp increase in cost while profits are on the decline.

This report will present an in depth analysis of the situation at JR School and what actions can be taken to ensure that the organization remains a successful one in the coming years. The report will be in three main parts namely:

A profile of the organization.

A market analysis of the organization's actual situation.

Appropriate actions that could be taken by the organization to improve present situation.

In defining the marketing strategies, the methodology of the day to day implementation of same has been considered. It is of little value to have a strategy if the necessary resources for its implementation is lacking. Therefore the strategies proposed are realistic ones and based on the market and environment analysis carried out.



To be the leading provider of education and training in the region


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