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Competing Through Operations Coursework Assessment

The main objectives of this report are:

To identify which of the five performance objectives does Company A consider most vital to their success in the marketplace?

To critically appraise how Company A meets its customers' demands in a fluctuating market.

To assess how the capacity strategy supports the performance objectives for Company A

The organisation that has been accessed will be called Company A. This organisation has millions of consumers shopping in its supermarkets every day, with many operations going on all at once. For this reason, one operation has been chosen to analyse; the checkouts. To collect data, two main methods have been used, these being open ended questions and questionnaires.

Open ended questions have been used because it's an easier way of communicating with management staff. By emailing them open ended questions, they have been able to reply when it suits them and the answers will be displayed in the appendices below.

Open ended questions also "allow respondents to relate to the topic in their own way," (Mcgivern 2009, pg 202.)

Questionnaires have been used because they are a quick way of getting people's opinions. The quickest and simplest method has been implemented, with customers and staff answering closed questions on a scale of 1-10; these results will be shown in polar diagrams and graphs.

What Performance Objectives Are Most Vital to Company A's Success in the Market Place?

There are five of Slack et al's performance objectives, these being:

Quality - Doing things right first time, with no errors and making sure things are fit for purpose.

Speed - Doing things fast, on time, completed.

Dependability - Doing things on time, keeping true to your word. Being dependable for customers and suppliers.

Flexibility- Mix and matching output...