A marketing plan for a designed product: Eureka Inc.

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A revolutionary technology has arrived. Eureka Inc. has created a breakthrough defying the odds of modern technology. Using patented technology and synthetic resources the I-Ball is a one of a kind device with unique features. This product is capable of providing information regarding health, wealth, and love towards its registered users. The I-Ball itself creates an entirely new market and holds a competitive advantage over its competitors due to its versatility in multiple fields. Eureka Inc. has adequately prepared the I-Ball to meet its target audience and to make necessary changes to meet any sudden economic fluctuations. The I-Ball itself is not marketed towards any single culture or group at all. As well, it is simple to order. Through the following, it is easy to observe why the I-Ball will revolutionize today's society.

Legal / Political Analysis

Eureka Inc. has fully obtained a government license to sell the product to its consumers and has patented the revolutionary technology that is built within the I-Ball.

As a responsible producer, Eureka Inc. strenuously works with the Canadian government to fully monitor and regulate the growth and components of its product. Eureka Inc. strives on upholding strong ethics within its multi-racial society. As a result, this company is regulated under these regulations:

Access to Information Act

- The purpose of this Act is to extend the present laws of Canada to provide a right of access to information in records under the control of a government institution in accordance with the principles that government information should be available to the public. (Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, 2004)

- Eureka Inc. allows government institutions to monitor and regulate the information given out by the I-Ball to our customers as this company strives on withholding strong ethics.

Competition Act

- The...