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Company overviewMcDonald's is one of the world's best known fast food restaurants. the management team chose a descriptive Mission and Vision statement and centered their values on the four marketing P's. in the initial phase of the marketing plan, our team has chosen a new product offering, and it will not be in just one product but in all of the products. The new product that we are offering is the halal meats in some McDonald's worldwide. This phase of the plan will detail the company, the new product, the importance of advertising to the corporation, the swott(strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and trends) and will detail the initial marketing stragety around the framework of the four P's.

Weinstein(2001) describes McDonald's mission and vision as, "McDonalds vision is to be the world's best quick service restaurant experience. Being the best means providing outstanding quality, service, cleanliness and value, so that we make every customer in every restaurant smile.(para

2). To achieve the mission, McDonald's focuses on three worldwide strategies: first to be the best employer for their employees in each community around the world, second to deliver operational excellence to each customers in each of the company's restaurants, and lastly to achieve enduring profitability growth by expanding the brand and leveraging the strengths of all MacDonald's system through innovation and technology." (weinstein, 2001, p.1).

McDonald's management understands the value of location, location, and location. The restaurants are near schools, colleges, inside malls and shopping centers, in and around airports and inside major supermarkets such as Wal-Mart's. The marketing team at MacDonald's assures that services are available at the right place and right quantity. According to Amato(2006), "many locations is understatement. The food service has more than 32,000 restaurants, and serves more 53 millionpage 3customers in more than 100 countries worldwide...