Marketing Plan: Lux Soap

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Executive Summary


Product Profile

History of LUX

Industry Analysis

Swot Analysis

Segmentation Basis

Marketing Mix

Product Life cycle


Lux Soap came into existence in 1964. Lux occupies a large market share in the Pakistani soap market as well as the international arena. The new Lux, with the sunscreen formula, is targeted towards a different market segment as compared previously to previous Lux. Lux is the first brand to bring the sunscreen concept in soap industry. Lux plans to cater to all these customers. "Beauty begins with Lux. "The strategy that is used by lever brother for their lux sunscreen is on specific "product Benefits strategy" as the lux sunscreen promotes "Sun Protection" benefit as well as "beauty" .Lux sunscreen revolves around the slogan that is:Lux Sunscreen is not considered as a new product. It is a re launch of the existing product Lux. This feature of the soap makes it different from the existing Lux soaps.

Lux Sunscreen is being termed as a "Re launch of Lux Beauty Soap with a variant" by Lever brothers. Lux already has a strong position in the soap market. Lux's sunscreen target market is upper and upper-middle class For sunscreen Lux is using skimming pricing strategy. Lux sunscreen was the re launch of a variant, hence it should be publicized differently than all other Lux beauty soaps

Introduction to Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited

Unilever Group of Companies

Lever Brothers is the largest consumer Products Company in Pakistan; it belongs to Unilever group of companies, which makes up one of the largest transnational in the world. Lever Brothers Pakistan Ltd. was incorporated in Pakistan in 1948. The company markets almost 50 well known household brands, like Lipton, Surf, Vim, Supreme, LifeBuoy, Lux etc. Which record approximately Rs. 20 billion...