Marketing Plan for Magic the Gathering

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARYWizards of the Coast, founded in 1990, has been at the forefront of "hobby gaming"for nearly two decades, and its crowning glory is Magic: The Gathering, a game thatspawned an entire product category and has yet to meet its equal. Though Wizardswas acquired by toy giant Hasbro in 1999, our small Renton, Washington companyhas not lost its roots, and is still "committed to developing quality games thatchallenge and entertain … and bring people together in an atmosphere of fun."The purpose of this report is to outline our goals and objectives for Wizards in the upcoming future - namely,to increase our market share for the Magic product in all of its forms. Based on our analysis of our internalstrengths and weaknesses and our environmental opportunities and threats, we have come up with a picture ofour current market position and the types of customers we would like to target.

Currently, our position in the market is that of an innovator, and we have a substantial share of our nichemarket, so we enjoy the luxury of not needing to radically shift our position.

However, we are looking toincrease our target demographic in order to elevate Magic from an underground-game to a mainstream activity,which would mean an increase in our exposure to the general public as well as an increase in revenue, with bothchanges being in line with our marketing objectives. To make this happen, we have developed a number ofstrategies that, when implemented, should allow us to take Magic: The Gathering to unsurpassed levels.

Here is a summary of the strategies we wish to implement in order to achieve our objectives:1. Mainstream Distribution2. Media Promotion3. Brand Licensing4. Children's Market PenetrationThe first strategy involves us determining the most appropriate types of retailers to help us broaden thedistribution of our product. We are looking...