Marketing Plan for Ministry of Tourism

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1- Introduction:

Syria has all the elements that are required to constitute a perfect climate for tourism. She's considered to be one of the world's largest natural museums with its various kinds of artefacts, ancient buildings and castles that belong to 20 different civilizations, which one day used to call Syria their home.

Add to this, its strategic location in the middle of the old world with few hours' flight from tourists exporting countries- namely Europe and the gulf area.

Tourism in Syria has gone through pressing regional impacts since the uprising of our folks in Palestine in September 2000, followed by the events of 11 September 2001 in the USA, and later the war on Iraq in 2003. These events resulted in the decline of the travel movement from Europe to the region in general, including Syria, while Arab tourism has accelerated as a result of the Ministry's activities in different Arab countries to promote tourism to Syria, and the shifting of Arab tourists from America and Europe due to stiff security measures at the airports and border points, in addition to the development of some of the elements of the Syrian tourist product.

2- Identification of the marketing concepts:

Here are the four marketing concepts according to our case study:

The production concept: this concept centers on the idea of having:

*An excessive number of poor-quality cheap hotels and restaurants that are available everywhere in the country.

*An excessive number of tourist guides which many of whom are unqualified.

*An increasing number of tourist companies that aren't sophisticated enough in their services.

*Low-quality transportation infrastructure with the lowest level of service.

The product concept: this concept takes interest in having:

*High-quality, expensive and luxurious hotels and restaurants.

*An exclusive number of tourist companies that are incredibly sophisticated with...