Marketing Plan for Modcon a company in EMS segment

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1. Corporate Objectives, Vision and Mission

The following objectives, mission and visions are proposals and shall be sued as a discussion base.

Company Vision

ModCon is guided by its mission of becoming the market leader in the EMS segment and successfully competing in the CMS market within the UK and Internation.

Company Mission

Under the brand position, "You look for solutions. We've got the answers," ModCons mission is to become the technology leader and key supplier for control systems and contract manufacturing.

Our national and international customers will recognize the value we can provide by leveraging the most innovative technological equipment and state of the art manufacturing and testing knowledge. Our customer service and the integrity of all ModCons employees will help make us the favourite and most trusted company for electronic control systems products and contract manufacturing

Company Objectives

ModCon has three key objectives to support and achieve our vision and mission:

(1) For Our Customers: Be the top specialty control system supplier and contract manufacturer to provide products and services of the highest quality and the greatest possible value to our customers, thereby gaining and holding their respect and loyalty

(2) For Our Community: Be recognized nationally as an outstanding corporate citizen.

To honour our obligations to society by being an economic, intellectual and social asset to each community in which we operate.

(3) For Our Employees: Be the best company for high-performing people who demonstrate our corporate values. To help ModCons associates share in the company's success which they make possible; to provide them employment security based on performance; to create with them an injury-free, pleasant work environment that values their diversity and recognizes individual contributions; and to help them gain a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment from their work. Support initiative and creativity by allowing the...