Marketing Plan for Newtown Sports Centre

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Introduction & Background Information

Newtown Sports Centre is a community Leisure facility located within the grounds of Newtown High School. You have been tasked with developing a strategic marketing plan for the centre for the next 3 years.

The centre broadly comprises of the following facilities: -

6 badminton court sports hall

Activity/party room

Refreshment area (vending machines only)

Health Suite

Large fitness suite

2 floodlit outdoor multi-sports games courts

The centre currently operates a varied programme of activities . In general, these include casual hire of facilities (badminton, netball, 5-a-side etc), instructed classes (aerobics, other fitness classes), fitness training, childrens parties, club hire, junior activities (sports coaching, holiday schemes) and a large competitive netball league.

This marketing plan for Newtown Sport Centre will provide a focus to improve the performance of the centre over the next three years. This will aim to increasing participation levels at the centre, competing where appropriate with private sector operators while still providing a wide range of leisure opportunities to the wider community.

Current Marketing Situation

This section of the plan looks at relevant background data used to analyse an audit of the current situation and includes information on the macro and micro (external and internal) environment. This includes an examination of the centres current activities, local competition and identifying appropriate strategies and objectives by identifying opportunities to improve the marketing of the facility.


The Sports Centre is a community public facility and as such has a wide appeal. The centre offers a wide choice of activities that has customers taking part in activities that can be broadly grouped as follows: -

Gym Users

Sports Clubs

Children's Parties

Casual Court/ Hall Hire

Fitness Classes

Junior Coaching

A customer audit report profiles current members of the facility (Gym & Fitness Classes users) by...