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As a new ice cream company, Sweaty Company aimed to introduce the brand in the market. In order to be famous the company needs to do many efforts to increase the sales volume. Therefore, research and plan following by promotion is set up to reach the goals. The company is going to highlight some point, such as new product objective, sales objectives, retain earnings objective, market share objectives, social responsibility objective, and timing objectives.

1. New product objective

We plan to sell ice cream that targeting three different segments that are family segment, gourmet segment and life style segment. We are going to sell strawberry flavor ice cream for the family segment only in the first period. Both gourmet and life style segment products will be launch in the third period.

2. Sales Objectives

In this section the goal is to increase the sales volume which requires the company to follow the step in the marketing mix strategies.

The company will also aware of the change in demand because of the seasonal impact on sales. We hope that we can increase our sales by 2 % for each period after winter season. However, we will decrease our productivity during winter to balance the decreasing number in sales. We plan to do more promotion, including trial promotion to attract the market in the coming season.

3. Retain earnings objective

Over the 12 months period, we plan to increase retain earning for more than double, that is up to around $7 million. Therefore, we will do strong effort in our marketing mix to introduce our new product and also plan the most effective step for our implementation and control to reach this goal. Such effort is including efficient resource allocation and financial plan on each segment.

4. Marker share objective

We would...