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Table of Contents 2

Executive Summary 3

Current Marketing Situation 5

The Market Situation 5

The Product Situation 6

The Competitive Situation 7

Summary 8

SWOT Analysis 10

Strengths 10

Weaknesses 10

Opportunities 11

Threats 11

Issues Analysis 12

Current Marketing Situation 14

Existing marketing mix 16

Market Targeting and Positioning 18

Future Growth Opportunities 19

Ansoff's Matrix 19

Evaluation and Control 20

Conclusion 21

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Executive Summary

ACME Publishing is a leading global technology company, operating in over 30 countries on 6 continents. The Group provides solutions and services that optimise and manage the performance of IT infrastructures to enable businesses to build a competitive advantage (HREF 1).

ACME Publishing Australia was first established in 1987 and provides Plan, Build and Support services that can reduce cost, decrease risk, remove complexity and improve productivity (HREF 1). With a strong national presence, ACME Publishing Australia can service the IT needs of Australian corporate and government organisations both locally and internationally.

The Online Development (OD) line of business is a major part of the ACME Publishing strategy for IT solutions. The primary focus of the OD team is to develop a roadmap for our clients that provides a methodology and toolkit for identifying, structuring, and building successful solutions.

The technology boom helped the OD team soar to massive heights in profitability and revenue, even though there were major weaknesses in methodologies and management. The past year has seen some major restructuring within the OD team which was deemed necessary to sustain the business. These effects of these changes have now been stabilised and it appears that staff morale and productivity have risen to industry benchmarks.

The focus of the next upcoming years is to not only streamline these defined processes but also...