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I had to submit a (fictional)product for introduction into the market and have a detailed outline of it all.Includes market analysis, competitors, research, support, and promotion. 1995 words.

Marketing Plan OutlineDocKnight My CollegeThe product that most deserves to be introduced into the market is the self charging battery. There have been several variations or attempts on producing such a device, but none have quite made the jump into common everyday purchases made by consumers. The setbacks have been price, desire and practicality. Many people will not pay $20.00 for a battery to stick into a five dollar product. Rechargeable batteries have had a little more success, although those too get lost, cost more and cost money to recharge. Manufacturers do not want to go out of business so development of this type of product has not found adequate funding. Many too are not practical. Like the solar powered self charging battery being used in some cell phones.

Nice idea, but impractical as one may be in a call and lose their charge for their phone. Now instead of putting in another battery or plugging into the nearest wall socket (which either may not be available), you simply need to take it out and let it charge under the sun…for 30 minutes to make your next call. There are several features that this outline will demonstrate the superior performance, durability and quality of these batteries in a very competitive market. The self charging battery we will offer requires no electrical outlet for recharging, it sounds an alarm when low to start the recharging cycle and it is designed to replace all standard battery types at an economical cost.

I.Market analysisA.The consumer spending on batteries (the battery market) is about $50 billion in the U.S. alone, of which roughly $5.5 billion...