Marketing Plan Phase I

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Marketing Plan Phase I: Market Segmentation for Happy Paws Daycare

This paper will define the market segmentation for Happy Paws Daycare. This paper will analyze HPD's mission statement, geographic location and product mix; using this information this paper will perform an complete SWOTT analysis. This will ultimately be used to outline the opportunities and dangers that the management of Happy Paws must keep in mind in order for Happy Paws to be successful.

Happy Paws Organizational Overview

Happy Paws Daycare was created to fill the needs of the growing number of working families with pets. As pets are now more assimilated into the family unit as compared to the past, and as a growing percentage of the American workforce includes both parents, it has become a greater challenge to care for the family pet while members are at work and school. Since pets are now such an integral part of households, a large void has been created with few companies in existence to fill that need.

That is the rationale for the creation of Happy Paws.

Mission Statement

Happy Paws Daycare intends to be the premier at-home pet daycare service provider in the nation. Realizing that pets are members of the family, the firm will provide exemplary care to the animals while under the provider's watch.

Happy Paws-the highest level of personal pet care service in the industry.

Geographic Location

The company will begin its operations in Phoenix, Arizona, but strategic plans call for rapid expansion to cities around the country. There will be a segmentation of geographic location, as the firm plans to limit its operations to major cities and the suburbs immediately surrounding those cities. This segmentation will be put in place due to the inordinately large populations of working adults in concentrated regions as compared to...