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The purpose of business is to succeed, to be profitable and increase its presence in the market. Any business that has a new product to present to the market must first do a tremendous amount of research to ensure that success. Research involves more than just a survey that may have sufficed in the past. Today businesses must consider what segment of the population is the target market, and not stop there since then it must be divided into demographic, geographic and psychographic segments. The company will then have to decide who the organizational buyers and consumers will be. Competitors must be considered and analyzed for the product before it is made known to the world. All these components are just part of the marketing plan that Merck has for its Universal Drink.

Segmentation CriteriaMerck & Company's target market is young females between the ages of 18-20, women with medical problems that birth control can help decrease and sometimes prevent the problem from getting worse because these women are unable to swallow pills.

Given all the options available, women may find choosing a birth control method confusing. You can make it a little easier by considering your lifestyle, goals and health status. Consider these factors as you decide on a birth control method that's right for you:•How you feel about planning for sex•Your comfort level with inserting contraceptive devices into your body•Your diligence in following directions, whether it's taking a pill every day or tracking your fertile days•How effective is the method at preventing pregnancy•Whether you plan to have children someday•How often you have sex•How the method alters your sexual experience•Whether you smokeAs you make your decision, you may find it helpful to know that Merck & Company is producing an easier more convenient way for women to take birth...