Marketing Plan: Phase III - Drive Alert, by eMagin, Inc.

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Drive Alert, by eMagin, Inc., is a new innovative eyewear for drivers with low or declining vision. Most individuals with low vision are aging drivers who might lose driving privileges if unable to prove visual driving ability. Learning Team A, (LTA) has moved on to Phase III of the marketing plan for Drive Alert, including specific attributes, product life cycle pace, factors influencing the product life cycle, product positioning, differentiation strategies, and appropriate pricing strategies using existing technology. Product external and internal factors will influence eMagin's expected target market. Pricing strategies will examine variable costs including channel members participation, and organizational profitability.

Attributes of Drive Alert

Product attributes are extremely important to the identity of a product and will ultimately become the characteristics that define the product to the market. Attributes are qualities related to a products character, source, reputation, identity characteristics, (, 2007). eMagin, Inc. will use Drive Alerts attributes as selling points in marketing strategies.

The Drive Alert product will allow automobile drivers with poor eyesight the opportunity to navigate his or her transportation using specialized eyewear. The eyewear type goggles are produced with similarities as high-tech sunglasses with computer chips. These small chips allow for a lighter weight avoiding an uncomfortable fit. The promotion of this attribute will revolutionize technology contributing to public use. The universal connection device allows most drivers under the right conditions, to adapt the system to an attached computer device controlled from energy from the automobile electrical system.

Drive Alerts' other attributes included by eMagin, Inc.: adjustable comfort eyewear, fog lenses, and memory data programmed for information, which fit the needed criteria. EMagin, Inc. has the global ability to sell Drive Alert anywhere in the world after legal approval.

Product Life Cycle

The product life cycle has four stages:...