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For many reasons that have been clearly described thus far, Exxon Mobil would greatly benefit from implementing biodiesel into the organizations product line. Biodiesel offers a multitude of beneficial attributes, and with Exxon Mobil being an already established corporation, it would not be difficult to market and sell this new line of fuel. The economy is moving closer everyday to going green and preserving our environment and many of the latest products released in accordance with going green would benefit from the utilization of biodiesel from both an economic and environmental standpoint. Therefore, the product is nearly selling itself already based on the newest products available to the greener public. In addition, biodiesel has already been manipulated during many phases of production; therefore, Exxon Mobil will not be required to work as hard to make the product marketable. The only factor that Exxon Mobil will need to focus actively on, is effectively promoting the product to the appropriate population.

The attributes of biodiesel fuel are numerous. Biodiesel is a low cost, readily renewable, environmentally friendly alternative fuel. Biodiesel fuels are an innovative product that will serve the consumer, both personal and business well. Biodiesel fuel will also serve the environment well. Biodiesel fuel is a non-toxic lower combustible alternative fuel (Alternative Fuels Data Center 2009). Biodiesel fuel is safer to use than petroleum based diesel fuel because biodiesel vegetable or soybean oil based (Keystone bio-fuels 2009). Because biodiesel has a significantly higher flash point than traditional diesel, which makes biodiesel safer to transport, store and handle (Alternative Fuel Data Center 2009). Biodiesel is made from readily renewable, local, resources like vegetables and soy. This means less dependence on foreign petroleum for diesel fuel, less harmful emissions into the environment and a cheap alternative fuel source. While petroleum oil cost roughly...