Marketing Plan: Phase I Paper

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Where do the ideas for a new product or service come from? The ideas come from top-level executives, managers, employees, and ordinary people with great ideas. Usually the idea is simple and shared with someone and if the idea is viable some minor research is done to see if the idea is sustainable. This is a very simple form of marketing in the early stages.

This paper will discuss marketing and will develop a marketing plan for the investment company of Apcotects which is a privately held company owned by one of the authors of this paper. The paper will discuss phase I of a marketing plan for a new small restaurant called Wedo's Tacos. This new restaurant is a new product for Apcotects and is a completely new direction for the investment company.

The paper will discuss and explain phase I of a new marketing plan which will include an overview of the existing organization, a description of the new products and services, an explanation of the importance of the marketing plan to the success of Wedo's Tacos, a SWOTT analysis, and a marketing strategy and research approach for Apcotects and Wedo's Tacos.

This endeavor is an actual marketing plan and some of the research, marketing, and ideas may need to be modified during the process of this phase as well as phase II, III, and IV.

Overview of Existing OrganizationThe existing organization Apcotects is an investment company which currently owns three different businesses with the desire to expand the current businesses, add new businesses, and acquire new businesses as capital and opportunities are available. The current businesses are design, consultation, and contracting in the public and private sectors. The industry of Apcotects has been drastically affected by the current economy and at the prompting of family members in...