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BackgroundNTT DOCOMO was created in 1991 and it is one of the world's largest mobile communications company. NTT DOCOMO (2009) has mention that it is part of the Mobile Network in Japanese everywhere. NTT DOCOMO (2009) noticed that they included huge range set of services and products, as well as creating the world first 3G commercial mobile service based on W-COMA, also their mobile service and the offices and subsidiaries strategies expending through around Asia, Europe and North America.

Product overviewRecently, NTT DOCOMO Company introduced a new i-mode which is called "Osaifu-Keitai". This product is a mobile phones with wallet functions, it means the mobile wallet also make possible uses as swift transaction for cash, credit, ID and the non-cash transactions through mobile wallet functions, therefore when people take the subway or shopping, people just used their Osaifu-Keitai mobile phone to the scanning to pay ( NTT DOCOMO, 2009).

3.0 Target MarketLumsdon (1999) think that a company usually would like stage its market, then to focus on which stage is the best to make effectively and profitable. Australia will be one of their target markets of their new technological.

This products target:-For business person, they could enjoy their finance and mobile business via this mobile function, such as inquire about bank balance, online shopping or an inter-bank transfer.

-For foreigners, like international students, they could pay their tuition free via it.

-For local house holder who wants to pay their insurance, tax, rental cost, etc.

Market NeedsThe Osaifu-Keitai should be improves their Australian Market by suggestions of below sections:•Facilitated for customers in Australia. Customers can grasp the mobile anywhere in the shopping centers or any phone shops as well as post office in Australia.

• Build the loyalty customers. Storyminers (2009) notices that Brand loyalty makes...