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1.0 Executive Summary

Scott Jordan was a man who was very gear and gadgets. Day to day he would carry around the same objects which consisted of an I Pod, a Palm Pilot, a cell phone, his car keys, a digital camera, a water bottle, and a magazine. After being sick and tired of carrying around the infamous "man purse", he came up with a solution. In the year 2001 Scott Jordan created the ScotteVest Company. This was Scott's way to create a clothing line that would serve as the perfect "Gear Management Solution", which would provide the everyday traveler with the luxury of no extra baggage but still their favorite gadgets. Here at ScotteVest we are at a point where we feel it is necessary to expand our target market so that we can cater to ever more of a variety of people.

The following is a proposed plan for the tourist that travels all year round, in all types of weather and finds him or herself on all types of terrain.

ScotteVest has put together the Alpha D Marketing team to research new possibilities and target markets. Alpha D is proud to present our newest product called the expedition line, the MF Series tourist jacket. This jacket is every tourists dream. Whether you are a male, female, teenager or adult, who is traveling to see ancient civilizations, famous landmarks or someone who is going to a place that is a main attraction, this is the jacket that will best suit all of your needs.

Alpha D has put together a design speck sheet for a wide range of outdoor gear, when all these types of gear are combined you have the power of the MF expedition line which in essence is a single jacket with the ability to...