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Situation Analysis

SWOT Analysis of Snuggy Uggys Pty Ltd


The company in the domestic area does better than competitors:

Provides wide range of ugg boots styles and colours

Comfort and quality product

Meeting customer needs

Brand recognition- Uggy's original product


The company in the domestic area done not as well as competitors:

The company has been operating for the past 15 years is yet in a maturity phase, but has not expanded into global business and thus is considered in an establishment phase.


The company has the possibility of:

Expanding the company into global markets

Strong sales growth

Develop new products

Favourable oversea government regulations

Developing further e-commerce operations

Increased sales

Global branding


When expanding the company to the United States, Snuggy Uggys may face:

Entry of new competitors

Adverse oversea government regulations

Increasing interest rates

Further falls in the Australian dollar resulting poor export sales and profits

Slow market growth

Establishing marketing objectives

In order for the company expansion to the United States we suggest that Snuggy Uggys Pty Ltd will achieve the following:

- Progressively increase market share by 10 per cent over the next 3 months

- Extending warranties on materials and workmanship of ugg boots to maximise customer service

- More profits made over the next 6 months

- Increase the product range or mix through the introduction of new styles within 6 months

- Increase exports by 10 per cent per year

Marketing strategies

Market Segmentation and Identifying the Target Market

In most cases, the consumer market is very large and businesses cannot appeal to all buyers due to people with different needs and buying behaviours.

Considering Snuggy Uggys Pty Ltd expansion to the United States, the company should think of market segmentation. The ultimate aim of market segmentation is to...