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Fixx® is the dynamic name we chose for our product. Our first goal is to create a name that sticks out in our consumers' minds. Our product provides an everyday service: to help young professionals, the generation Xer's.

Each weekday, the one thing on young professional' minds at work is sleep. Going with this idea, we created the catchy slogan "Get your Fixx®". This slogan states our product's name, and tells our consumers to do something ("Get your Fixx®"), and their problems with early mornings will go away.

Each weekend, when it is time to play, the slogan tells our consumers to "Get your Fixx®"-making Fixx® an experience to indulge in. As we all know, weekends are made for indulging in the things we can't, or won't, do during the week.

There are a vast number of promotion methods to choose from, and finding the best method that will allow our product to flourish in the market is a challenging step.

There are two main benefits to our promotion campaign. The first benefit to our campaign is the pull method; with out strategy of marketing our products to individual that has certain needs, it will in turn make the consumer push the retailer who pushes the wholesaler, who gets the agents to purchase the product from producers. With this method, the supply is based on the demand from the consumer. So we can stipulate who gets Fixx®, and how much of it they get.

We at Red Bull® believe that the promotion methods we are going to use for our product line well help advance expodentionally.

Radio Advertisement

Since we are focusing on Xer's who are young working professional, then radio advertisement will be a major part of our promotion. Even though Xer's are not large fans of radio...