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The above article shows how Malaysian citizen do conservation on endangered species such as turtles. Prof Dr Saleem Mustafa as Borneo Marine Research Institute director commented that public awareness was important in complementing enforcement measures protecting the turtles. Nowadays, people whom face the busy lifestyle make them unaware of their surrounding and the extinction of endangered species such as sea turtles, whale, panda and many more. They neglect the existence of the endangered species and the effort in conserved them. As results the loss of one species can upset the balance of the environment and affect biodiversity which make a huge difference on a global scale.


I would like to propose a 3 day programme which includes conservation of endangered species talk, exhibition on wild life and endangered species, and video competition about endangered species, and Wildlife volunteering program. The objectives of this programme are to expose people on the important of endangered species toward our environment, to create awareness on conserving them and to encourage people to give effort in conserving them

Nowadays, people only concern about themselves without realizing what happen to their surroundings.

As time goes on, our environment becomes more unstable due to global warming and the extinction of endangered species such as giraffe and elephant. This is because people do not know the importance of role species toward biodiversity of the environment. Through conservation of endangered species talk that will presented by a highly experience person from, The World Wide Fund for Nature organization. He will expose to the audience on the importance of endangered specie's role and how it related to the balance of our environment in order to reduce the huge difference on global scale. Moreover, by held the exhibition on...