Marketing Report for Coca Cola Amatil (CCA):

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This report is written by business consultant: Jenny Nguyen and it is about marketing and related aspects for CCA. It contains a SWOT analysis, recommended market research tools, ethical and legal aspects affecting CCA and a marketing mix for CCA's Mt. Franklin water.

SWOT Analysis for CCA:

This is a tool used to evaluate CCA in comparison to their competitor's.


-An extensive product range:

-CCA can satisfy more wants and needs of consumers than their competitors

- achieving the goal of being "the leading beverage for every occasion"

- individual products can satisfy niche markets that utltimately connect into a mass market

-unique formula of coke syrup is a competitive advantage

-Purchase of Pacific beverages Australia, Peats Ridge and Rio Beverages:

CCA achieves more share in NACSD market, increased revenue and in this way, smaller competitors are cut out.

-High brand awareness and recognition through effective promotion:

Makes further promotion easier accepted.

-Loyal customer base:

loyal customers in the long term equals CCA will get regular sales and thus, usual revenue.


-Production of Powerade and Fruitopia in distant Adelaide - can't react quickly to changes in demand in major cities like Sydney.

-CCA's diet coke has more kjs and doesn't taste as good than rival's Pepsi Max. This fact makes CCA lose sales to Pepsi company.



- Adding fruit juices to product range would respond to high demand of healthy beverages of today, note that these type of consumers are willing to pay more = opportunities for larger profits.

- Development of milk products

- Oportunity to expand CCA's product range

- start gaining market share in the milk market.


-Competitors stealing market share in NACSD market e.g. Pepsi, Schweppes

-Decreased demand for NACSD because of shift...