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The following marketing research report will examine the developments in the UK market for biscuits and cakes over the past five years. To collect the data and the information a secondary research was required. Comparing different sources of the information has led to a better understanding in the specific market and to more accurate predictions in the future concerning UK's supermarket industry. For the following report a secondary research was conducted meaning that the data and information collected already exists and it is available through many sources. This has helped throughout the research to find the most appropriate and accurate information and has also developed a better understanding in the environment of the specific market (Biscuits and Cakes) as well as the issues to be researched in order to make the right decisions.

Examining a series of reports by Key Note over the past 4 years starting from 2009 up to 2012 it has been inspected that the market had a consistent growth throughout the years.

Although is recommended to consume biscuits and cakes as occasional treats many researches has shown that the UK population would sacrifice anything to consume them on a daily basis. Even many people that try to develop a healthy eating habit biscuits and cakes still dominates their lives. Not worrying the consumers of the unhealthy contents of these treats, biscuits and cakes remain one of the most popular markets in the UK. (Figure 2.1 , Source: Key Note) Biscuit are the major part of the market and this have show a remarkable growth over the years in terms of sales having a value of £3.22bn by 2008 reaching up to £3.62bn by 2011. Although the seasonal biscuits and children's biscuits sector have been growing fast, healthier biscuits are the major segment in this market. (Figure...