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IntroductionMarket Research is described as a systematic, objective collection and analysis of data about a particular target market, the competition, and environment. Market research incorporates data collection in the form of primary research and secondary research . The primary object of market research is to achieve an increased understanding of the subject matter. With markets throughout the world becoming increasingly competitive, market research is often considered a top priority on the agenda of many organizations.

Marketing research is an important part of understanding the target market and is dependent on accurate and meaningful data collection. The data collected in market research should be able to provide the organization with information that enables leaders to take the best course of action for their product and/or service. After compiling the data, market researchers evaluate the data and make recommendations to their employer or client based on their findings. This enables them to provide an organization's management with information necessary to make decisions on the design, promotion, pricing and distribution of products or services.

Kudler Fine Foods (Kudler) was founded as an upscale gourmet food market by Kathy Kudler and is renowned for offering excellent service combined with an extensive selection of fresh food at reasonable prices. Kudler's success is due in part to combining affordability and convenience. Kudler is continuing to expand its business to achieve its goals of meeting the customer's needs and also becoming more profitable. Recently, Kathy Kudler indicated her desire to further this mission by including a catering service and an organic food line in addition to the in-store events currently available. Kudler has the ability to expand its services to include catering and organic foods through the utilization of marketing resources--before the company can start, it is imperative for them to define its marketing mix and to...