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2004HDMM109 Marketing Research



Nowadays the big store-chain retailing has become a major part of Shanghai's burgeoning retail infrastructure. They began by sprouting up throughout the Puxi districts of central Shanghai and are now expanding throughout the city and its suburbs. Besides the Century Mart, Hualian GMS, NGS, Hymall and Carrefour; the biggest store-chain retailer in America---- Wal-Mart has also appeared on this aggressive arena. To give the recommendations about how a foreign big store-chain retailer survives successfully in Shanghai, this report will compare different 6 big store-chain retailers which gain the considerable growth. The comparison of them will let you know the advantages and disadvantages for a big store-chain retailer to come to this international market.

Research objectives:

After this report, we will achieve the following objectives:

1. To know the environment for the big-store retailing;

2. To understand the local and foreign big-store retailers development strategies;

3. To check the customers different responses and attitudes to these retailers and understand their preferences;

4. To find out the successful factors and failures in the existing retailers;

5. To give the recommendations about how a big-store retailer enters the Shanghai market successfully.

Scope and Method

The research scope will focus on the whole condition of Lian Hua, Hua Lian, NGS, Hymall, Carrefour and Wal-Mart. The methods I will use in this report are shown as following:

1. Using the different Medias to know the current market environment for the big-store retailing;

2. The learning of the policy to the big-store retailing in Shanghai will also be covered;

3. Finding out 6 symbolic big-store retailers and using different Medias to select the secondary data about the strategies which they use to enter this market; how the marketing responds; how many the sales volume they have;

4. Carrying out...