Marketing Sales Process Script.

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Setting: Valhalla, high school store run by marketing students. Lady walks into store, she looks like she's in a hurry. I recognize her as a teacher.


Employee: Hello! Welcome to Valhalla! How are you doing? Is there anything in particular you're looking for? I am right here if you need help with anything.

Customer: Hello, I'm doing great! Yes, I am looking for a gift for my friend.


Employee: Any special occasion? Birthday?

Customer: House warming actually, she just bought her first home, I am on my lunch right now so I was just dropping in quickly to see if I can find a small gift to suit the occasion.

Employee: I know just the gift that would be perfect.

*Employee directs customer over to small set-up*

Set-up consists of a table with baskets on it. The 3 different baskets all have cloth draped into them.

The colors of the pillows that fill each basket correspond with the color within so it's easy to determine what colors the pillow matches with.

Customer: Wow

Customer looks at husband and says "We have the couch covers in the car, the ones we just bought!"

She hurries outside to retrieve them.

Employer holds up fabric and brings out 4 or 5 medium priced pillows that look as if they will match well with the couch. The customer is undecided between 2 pillows

Employer: Which pillow do you think would go with the rest of the house?

Customer: Now that you mention it I think that this one here would look good in my bedroom as well as the living room, I think that this one would be better. Thank you so much for your help! I've decided want this one right here.

Employee: Alright that's great, would you be...