Marketing segmentation of Gordon Highlanders Museum

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Executive summary:

Gordon Highlanders Museum (GHM) which is a tourist attraction in Aberdeen has a unique and attractive building with artifacts and themes being displayed spanning 200 years of regiment's history. A market evaluation of GHM illustrates that the performance of this museum is affected by various internal and external factors. Implementation of a good accounting system, analysing the trends of the competitors and research on the client base would be important as part of the micro environment.

Technological factors like on-line museum, demographic factors like shift towards aging population and cultural trends have a favourable or unfavourable impact on the performance of GHM

Report profiles that market for GHM is differentiated & products like display area, corporate hospitality, tea room and garden can be offered to different segments like students, corporates and adults or senior citizens respectively.

Report also illustrate that the factors like reference groups influence school children, personality factors like lifestyles influence senior citizens or adults and social class influence corporates to visit GHM.

Buying decisions of various segments can be attributed to Habitual Buying Behaviour & Variety-Seeking Buying Behaviour.

1.0 Introduction:

Gordon Highlanders Museum is one of the tourist attractions in Aberdeen with ample collection of Gordon highlanders regiment's treasures and tales of courage and tenacity on the battle field, which spans 200 years of world history.

Though a unique museum, there has been a little formal research undertaken to determine the client base and faces a lot of competition from other museums, art galleries and various other sources of tourist attractions around Aberdeen. The museum has a lot of scope to introduce new approaches, marketing strategies and promotional activities at a low cost, which would increase the number of visitors and revenue generation.

This report analyses the marking environment of Gordon highlanders and...