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Assignment 1 required you to assess the marketing orientation of your organisation. This dictates how it views it's customers and competitors.

Assignment 2 requires you to consider competing solutions from the perspective of the customer and to construct a perceptual map of the purchase situation. You should do this for:-

a) your own organisation (or one well known to you)

b) a recent purchase of your own

Introduce the purchase situation and examine the factors that are important to customers when evaluating a purchase. Then consider whether the supplying organisation holds the same perspective - Table 6.1 in Jobber reminds us that the perception of these factors can be very different in the customers and organisations view!.

Use the customer's view of factors to produce a "Company capability profile" (look at figure 18.4 in Jobber).

Finally, select the most relevant factors (explaining your choice) & construct a Perceptual Map of your organisation & competing suppliers.

Discuss whether & why the perceptions have changed in the last 10 years. You find the "Networks of Perceptions" (Fig 3 in Study Guide 2) useful in this regard.


Towry Law International (SA) Pty Limited ('TLISA') was a Proprietary company and a subsidiary of Towry Law International ('TLI'), a worldwide financial services provider. TLISA was based in South Africa serving clients predominantly in Southern Africa.

TLI was part of The Towry Law Group however the UK arm has been sold on to another brokerage in the United Kingdom and the International arm has been in the process of closing it's operations for the past 2 years. Before the decision to close, TLI was probably the largest firm of independent financial advisers in the offshore market, with close to 30 offices worldwide covering the whole of Asia, the Middle East, Europe and beyond,