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Table of ContentsExecutive Summary2Global Environment2General industry trends2Opportunities3Threats3Company Environment4Target market and customers4Competitor5Distribution and sales channel5Marketing Strategy6Business Mission6Corporate Values6Objectives7Strategies7Marketing Functions8Product and Services8Pricing8Distribution Activities8Promotion Activities8Analysis and Recommendation9References10Executive SummaryApple is an American consumer electronics corporation, with headquarters in California. They have a well-known line of personal computers, operating systems and the line of portable media players, which have proved to be by far the most successful.

The iPod was originally developed for Mac computers but software was introduced in 2002 to support windows users. It is exceptionally popular, portable digital music player that stores up to 10,000 songs on its 40GB hard disk. The earlier versions of iPod were only able to function as music players. Currently, it also includes features such as movie supports, storing addresses, games and calendar as well as the revolutionary new product iPhone.

The intent of the report is outline the most successful products iPod and iPhone by looking at the global environment, company environment, marketing strategy, marketing functions as well as distribution channels.

Global EnvironmentGeneral industry trendsThe industry of iPod and iPhone is extremely competitive and characterized by several highly innovative companies.

For iPod, since it becomes global product with the same features everywhere independent of location, mass customization that can be achieved by introducing different kinds of accessories according to local needs. The future of iPod is more expectable in the industry.

For iPhone, the key rivals will react with several different competitive strategies. The first will be with competing products like Blackberry, Nokia N95, these PDA-like products that compete in similar mass markets but have increased features and lower prices. The second will be with competing products like Palm Treo, which compete primarily for the business user and have superior features for that purpose thus further segmenting the Smartphone market.

Opportunities•Opportunity to capitalize financially•Develop an...