Marketing strategy for iPhone launch in West European countries: executive summary

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Marketing Strategy1.MissionDuring the last few years Apple has managed to resurrect it's for imagination, design and innovation. It has launched a series of products that have combined the latest technology while still maintaining the human touch in its products. It has stayed true to its legacy and has developed and furthermore was able to establish long lasting relationships with its loyal customers. By buying an Apple product the buyer not only purchases a high-end technology device ¬but he actually becomes part of the Apple community. To be able to establish such a relationship speaks a lot about the design, functionality and the user focus culture prevalent at Apple Inc.

The mission of iPhone is not just convey an innovative technology with a human touch, but go beyond by mainly provide to Apple's customers a delighting and revolutionary experience. iPhone will revolutionize the mobile phone industry and pave the direction for future products.

A big ambition from an incipient.

2.Marketing ObjectivesThe aim for Apple is to revolutionize the mobile phone industry and move forward with the digital lifestyle strategy that serves as the underlying philosophy for product development. With iPhone Apple want to get a larger share of the expanding digital music market and in the process implementing a beach head for future forays in the convergence market.

The marketing objectives for iPhone can be enumerated as follows:1)Increase the iPod franchisee. Even though iPod sales have been increasing, over the last couple of year's music phones have grown faster and control majority of the digital music player market. Apple only has 14% market share and music phone outsell iPod 7 to 1. With the iPhone foray Apple wants to expand its market share and drive in more revenue from the virtuous iPod + iTunes combination. As declared by Steve...