Marketing strtegies of mercedes to market the S-500

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About the company:

Mercedes S 500: Mercedes is a leader in the automobile industry and the reason for its success is its cars. One of the leading models is the Mercedes S 500 which made its debut in autumn 1998.

Marketing Mix



Includes high-tech innovations like Pre-Safe, pre-crash occupant protection system. It can detect an impeding collision in advance and puts the vehicle and the occupants on standby. It tightens the seatbelts and also adjusts the front seats. The model year 2003 S-class will inaugurate this safety concept. The look of the car has also been changed with a wider bumper in front allowing air intake.

Brand Name

Mercedes has been one of the pioneering car companies introducing newer features and coming up with new car designs. This has established it as a well known and respected brand famous for its quality and its well engineered cars which have met with customer's satisfaction and have fulfilled customer's demands.


The company can be easily reached via the internet and they also have many offices in each sector of the area where the Mercedes personnel can be easily reached .Mercedes comes up with new schemes every year to meet with customers demands. They also provide free-service to cars for a limited number of kilometers and there are many discount schemes which are offered to the customers during special seasonal offers or during the Dubai shopping Festival they allow draws to be held in which there is a chance to win a Mercedes.


Pricing Strategy

Mercedes prices fluctuate with the European economy and depending on the competition in the global market from other car companies.


The Mercedes gives discount during special shopping festival or gives occasional discounts like on Christmas or any other occasion.



They promote their cars using newspapers, billboards set up near roundabouts and the local t.v. stations like Dubai channel 33 and Abu Dhabi channel are also used for advertisements. They sometimes have showings of their cars in Malls and advertisements are placed in different magazines sold locally.

Sales Promotion

To improve sales they provide special discount offers especially during the Dubai Shopping Festival or they also offer seasonal discount offers.


Dealership Location

Mercedes has showrooms located in most of the emirates like Sharjah , Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


Mercedes has a good coverage and it has covered most of Middle East but it has yet to reach the Northern Emirates.



All UAE regions.


Age: 25-40yrs

Gender: Male or Female.

Income: Above $ 90,000/yr

Target Market

The company has a range of cars which aim at different customers for example they have sports coupe for those who like fast cars and then they have luxury cars for those who want to drive around in style enjoying the comfort of the cars interior. Mercedes tries to meet the demands and the tastes of a variety of customers.


Mercedes occupies a special place in peoples mind as being a luxurious car company which provides both luxury and sports cars that combine both luxury and speed. It has set itself apart from other car companies as it is leader in providing innovations in its cars and tries to come up with new things all the time.