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Marketing Thinking (MT) Challenge 1.1: Interesting Marketing Questions


All of us have experiences with marketing either professionally or as consumers. Therefore, this task shouldn't be too difficult. Put yourself in the marketer's position and generate ten interesting marketing questions that could be useful to the marketer. Try not to evaluate your questions, simply list interesting ones. We'll use these questions later to see how your questioning is changing.

Your list of ten interesting marketing questions:

What is our competitive edge (what differentiates us)?

Who are we targeting?

What is an effective price point?

Where / what channels should we use?

Which medium will likely be most successful for our advertising?

Who are our competitors?

What needs are we fulfilling in the marketplace?

Should we apply an existing strategy or adopt a new one?

Are we positioning our brand for the long-term?

Are we creating the value or are consumers?

Marketing Thinking Challenge 1.2: Identifying an Organization's Strategy


What are some of the main activities your organization or one you are familiar with performs and how do they translate into what the consumer experiences? How could these activities be done differently and how would that affect what the consumer experiences? Would such changes make a difference?

Suggestion: Start by defining what you mean by an activity.

How is an activity different than a product?

For the purpose of this challenge I will focusing on the main activities performed by Chipotle Mexican Grill and their effect on the consumer experience. Activities are the steps taken by an organization to provide value to customers. They are the process that leads to the delivery of a product or service. Activities are a way for organizations to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. The configuration of an organizations activities reflect their strategy,