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Shopping on the Internet has become an enormous success and is considered to be one of the biggest advantages that the Internet has to offer. No matter what a consumer is shopping for one can find it on the web. Today, companies are setting up e-businesses to help sell and promote their products. By setting up e-businesses, companies are able to offer customers products and services at lower prices than the traditional brick and mortar companies are. One of the reasons for this lower price is due to the low overhead cost, and advertising costs. Discussed further will be a description of the marketing tools used in Travelocity, Expedia, and Orbitz as well as an evaluation of the apparent customer service provided by each site.

TravelocityInternet marketing tools are the means to search engine optimization. In order to profit from any website, an organization must use these tools for effective marketing strategies (Bradley, 2006, p.

1). Travelocity's website typically offers a variety of information and other features in an attempt to build close relationships with customers and generate an interest in the company. The website offers information about the company's history, mission and philosophy, and the various products and services that the company offers. The website also lets users find information on current events in the travel industry, company personnel, financial performance, and employment opportunities. The website also allows customers to book one way travel tickets, last minute destination packages, and has information for those who have already booked a package to check on flight status.

Travelocity has recently added a new marketing tool called destination alerts. According to Hotel (2007), "consumers can now foresee possible on the road hassles with more specifics on a hotel property and region/area events while reviewing their options" (p. 1).