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A critical element of an organizations web site is how well it implements the tools of marketing. Some of the fundamental elements that are considered in the development of the web page include; an assessment of the organization's needs, good research of the audience, site development to reflect the character and reputation of the organization, ensuring an adequate level of animation, programming and multimedia, and most important ensuring the site is hosted on a reliable high speed connection, and use a dependable server/backup. The use of banners, shopping cart simplification and continuous adaptation to consumer desires for particular products or services are all significant web page marketing tools that a successful organization also considers when developing and maintaining their web site.

This paper will discuss the use of marketing tools for Wal-Mart, Target, and Kmart, and will evaluate the customer service of all sites.

Wal-Mart Web Site Marketing ToolsWal-Mart's Internet site uses cycling advertisements, consumer preferences, and color to capture market share on the web.

The brightly colored advertisements that cycle through four different pages of interest, center the audience's attention on Wal-Mart's primary focus. Within seconds of visiting the site, the consumer can determine that Wal-Mart's standard shipping deadline is approaching quickly, Hanukkah has begun, there are new specials in effect for the week preceding Christmas Day, and digital cameras start below $100. This is a convenient marketing ploy aimed toward consumers that glance quickly at a site before deciding whether or not they want to stay and shop.

Wal-Mart has researched consumer preferences to determine that digital cameras, HDTVs, and GPS navigation systems are at the top of consumer wish lists this year. These items are featured in the cycling advertisements and the spotlight section of the page in full color. There is limited color displayed...